CEO Intro.

With the best natural resources & the best technology,
We will grow into a global green company.

Kim Ki-seop, CEO of Darum & Bio Co., Ltd

(2014-present) CEO of Darum & Bio Co., Ltd

(2019-present) Chuncheon Spring Convergence Exchange Chairman

(2018-2019) Former CEO of Chuncheon Bio Luxury Association

(2015-2016) Former representative member of Kangwon National University’s Industry-Academic Cooperation Global Consultative Group

(2011-2015) Former Goldnet Representative

(2008-2011) Former Director of Future Science  

(2005-2008) Former CEO of B&G Co., Ltd. (Taekwang Energy Co., Ltd.)

(2000-2005) Former director of Hanuri Cinema Co., Ltd

(1999-2000) Former Director of Gangwon Home Shopping Co., Ltd

Darum & Bio Co., Ltd. Introduction Letter